Dr. Edwards believes that conservative, chiropractic care is the portal of entry into healthcare for musculoskeletal injuries.

 The care at Dynamic Health & Performance begins with an appointment approximately an hour long, consisting of a thorough history examination and establishment of the goals of care. 

The First Step

Our first priority in our process is to get you out of your pain. This is done through chiropractic adjustments, dry needling and soft tissue manipulation. While getting you out of pain, we will also discuss changes that may need to be made to your sport and your lifestyle to get you out of pain and stay out of pain. 

The Second Step

The next step in our process is to begin working on rehabilitative exercises. This will both facilitate the process in getting out of pain, as well as to reinforce you staying out of pain. 

The Third Step

The final step of care focuses on increasing performance in life and sport. This is where we begin to load the exercises that we have been working on and raising the ceiling on the hardest things that you already do well. 

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