A study conducted by Rosedale et al. concluded that 43.5% of pain in your arm or leg originates from your neck/back even though you may not be experiencing symptoms in your neck/back.

This is why whenever you come into the office with arm or leg pain, we not only examine the area of pain, but also check your spine to make sure that the pain is not the result of an issue in your neck or back.

By performing a thorough examination, we are then better suited to be able to deliver optimal care minimizing your treatment duration and getting you out of pain even faster!

The study found these numbers for spinal related causes to these extremity areas of pain;

  • Hip pain – 71%
  • Shoulder pain – 47%
  • Elbow pain – 44%
  • Wrist and Hand pain – 38%
  • Ankle/Foot pain – 29%
  • Knee pain – 25%  

Referenced from; Richard Rosedale, Ravi Rastogi, Josh Kidd, Greg Lynch, Georg Supp & Shawn M Robbins (2019) A study exploring the prevalence of Extremity Pain of Spinal Source (EXPOSS), Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy, DOI: 10.1080/10669817.2019.1661706  

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